Netmeds.com is an amazing company which has given me a lot of growth opportunities. The kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal. The organization encourages you to be innovative and gives you the freedom to do things. I am very proud to be a part of this organization.

The best part about working for Netmeds is its people and the values based culture. Its guiding values would always ensure individual’s career growth.

Priyanka Katoch

Senior Executive – Admin

I have been working at Netmeds for more than a year. I have never felt tired and stressed because of Good working environment, Good People and Positive vibe. I am very thankful to my superiors and the management for the great support. Thanks to all our hard work, we won the Health Start-up of the year at the NDTV Unicorn Awards 2016. I am glad to be a part of the Netmeds Family.

Anwar Basha

Team Lead – Customer Support

I’m happy to be at Netmeds.com where there is always a positive atmosphere, diverse work culture and supportive Leaders. The company is located in the center of the city and provides a lot of benefits for its employees.

We are very team-driven, and we operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. There is a great team spirit across all territories and employees understand their role and leave no stone unturned to give their best. We love what we do, and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our customers.

This is a company where you always have a voice no matter who you are, and good ideas are encouraged and fully supported. I am proud to be associated with such energetic people.

Anuradha Binny

Team Lead – Fulfilment Centers

Netmeds.com gave me a lot of opportunities which quenched my thirst in the field of IT. But learning never stops at Netmeds.com. As we are growing higher, the company helps me in honing new skills and widens my knowledge. I have never been bored. Coming here every day, you become committed to, and proud of, your job. You feel like you are part of important journey with a great company which has a strong heritage, a wonderful team of people and an exciting atmosphere. What are you waiting for?


Senior Project Manager

My journey with Netmeds.com has been noteworthy. Work has always being a motivating factor because of Netmeds’ stimulating, rewarding environments for the employees. A place which employs right talents, providing them with lively, conducive and an advanced work culture. Also a great place to work and learn from our enthused staffs with expertise on various products and domains that holds us high in business process optimization.

Karthik D

Manager – Software Testing

I have been a part of Netmeds.com and my experience in the organization has been excellent. I have faced a number of challenges that have compelled me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. But such situations have helped me to become stronger and grow faster in this organization. Netmeds.com provides a lot of flexibility to its employees to work in their own way.

Beer Mohamed

Manager – Web Development

I oversee digital marketing for Netmeds.com and contribute to data driven suggestions. Before joining I thought it would be restricted, but then it was a place where I could experiment with ideas and my ideas are valued. This keeps me motivated to keep me updated with latest trends in the industry and implement the same. The most challenging thing is to use the power of data and do better marketing.

Poornima P

Manager – Online Marketing

I’m Babu & I love working here because of the enthusiastic working atmosphere. There’s so much to be learnt and I get to spread my wings & explore my full potential which would not have been possible without my company’s support. Here at Netmeds.com, we’re encouraged to be involved in all aspects of business and there are so many opportunities to learn and expand our domain knowledge.

Are you ready to spread your wings & explore opportunities handed to you?

Babu J

Manager – Pharma

My role as a content overseer has not only helped me fulfil my passion for writing but inculcated in me even more accountability and responsibility. Needless to say, feel great to be a part of Netmeds.com – trusted by tens of thousands of customers PAN India!

Renu K.S.

Manager – Content Writer

Working with Netmeds.com is just amazing. An environment where you have exposure nationally. Dealing with culturally diverse customers all over India has been very challenging and rewarding in every way. This company has an excellent management system. I have gained valuable experience and knowledge. I feel very fortunate to work with this company and very proud to be a part of fast-paced, exciting and rewarding atmosphere.


Manager – Customer Service

I have been associated with Netmeds for the past two years and honestly, I am very happy with the work environment—systematic approach to training, friendly nature of the colleagues including the seniors—which I have not experienced in any other organisation so far. The work place ambience is great with a touch of professionalism conducive to get involved with the given assignments without any kind of undue pressure. Since Netmeds is into a new concept of online pharmacy dispensing medications to every nook and corner of India, I am really proud to be associated with their innovative concept, by which I gain a lot of experience through extensive interaction with ethnically diverse people across India. In a nutshell, being associated with Netmeds is indeed a blessing!


Team Lead – Customer Support

As an IT Admin Manager I’m learning many technical skills and I just love working here. I’m very proud to be a part of the Team Netmeds and it’s a great workplace to hone your skills! Here learning is endless. Our role is to prevent our website from hackers by creating the strong access rule at WAF end and also provide all the IT-related support to branch offices and fulfilment centers.

Vijay Prakash

Manager – IT Infrastructure & Support

As a Creative head I have given my heart and soul to develop all the offline and online digital media projects. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and Netmeds.com provides the opportunity to transform our imagination into reality. Netmeds.com provides lot of facilities and I am proud to be a part of Netmeds.com and its smart employees.

Venkatesh N R

Manager – Designs & Creatives